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The Orchil Spider

The Orchil Spider.

Arran Textiles has received accreditation for six courses written by Lynn Ross which together form an Open Learning Certificate in Traditional Textile Studies.

The courses give transferable university credits in the form of SCOTCAT points. They have been approved by the Academic Affairs Committee of the Faculty of Education at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow.

The courses are Introduction to Spinning and Dyeing, Introduction to Weaving, Textile Crafts I, Textile Crafts and Information Technology, Textile Crafts 2 and 3.

The classes are a combination of tutorials and independent study and incorporate Scottish traditions and heritage as a source of information and design.

The courses will be offered on Arran for the first time in Summer 2002. (Summer Schedule to follow)

Ten Arran women received credits for the first three courses under the “prior learning“ scheme for participation in the “Spin a New Yarn” course and in Project Orchil. Some of the women were employed in the schools Project Charlotte during the pilot phases in Arran and East Ayrshire, putting their credentials to practical use.